Why use an Intermediary to sell your insurance agency?

1. Knowledge - Most insurance agency owners have never sold an agency and are unaware of the process and potential pitfalls. We handle this process every day and have the experience and knowledge to guide everyone through to a successful completion.

2. Confidentiality - Employee and client relationships can undergo considerable damage if the parties find out the business is for sale. Your confidentiality is our number one priority and we take careful steps to protect it.

3. Time - Your time is best spent managing the agency and selling a business is a full-time job. We spend much of our time screening for qualified buyers and preparing for due diligence.

4. Stress - An intermediary facilitates the interaction between buyers and sellers including managing the negotiations and due diligence, relieving both parties of the stress that may come from direct contact with the other and preventing possible tension that may kill a deal.

5. Value - A seller is best served when they can obtain offers from multiple interested parties. We maintain regular contact with many qualified buyers looking to acquire different types of agencies in various markets.

How do you know an Intermediary is qualified?

1. They have sold insurance agencies. Ask for referrals.

2. They are a trained professional. Ask for credentials. The Certified Business Intermediary (CBI) designation is the gold standard in our industry.

3. They ask for the right financial and commission documentation up front. It demonstrates they have knowledge of insurance agency valuations.

4. They know of multiple acquisition lending resources for buyers.

5. They understand the most probable buyer for your agency. Sometimes it may be an individual buyer, other times a strategic or public buyer may be needed.

What do our various credentials mean to a seller?

Certified Business Intermediary (CBI)+

The certification is awarded by the International Business Broker's Association after a member has completed two years of experience, over 64 hours of coursework, and a final comprehensive exam on ethics, business valuation, sales, marketing and tax and legal issues associated with business transfers. Less than 2% of business intermediaries in the nation have achieved this designation.

Merger & Acquisition Master Intermediary (M&AMI)+

The certification is awarded by the M&A Source after a member has completed three transactions with values over $1M and an additional 32 hours of coursework on advanced tax, legal, marketing, and financing topics pertaining to middle market companies. Less than 150 brokers in the nation have achieved this designation.

Real Estate Licensing+

Many states require an individual engaged in marketing and negotiating the sale of a business to hold an active real estate broker's license.

Securities Licensing+

Individuals involved in the sale of a security, such as the sale of corporate stock, must be a securities broker registered with FINRA. Failure to comply with the regulation can result in a court rescinding a securities transaction.